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A dirty chat bot

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So, for now, I'm giving HOM-BOT the benefit of the doubt and rating a 4 for it's functionality. I don't have any experience with robotic vacuums but I must say, I was impressed.

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We did have a couple of occasions where he just didn't make it and we had to intervene.The floors are a combo of carpet,rugs, and hardwood.The best part was watching it clean under our bed which was full of dust bunnies, no more. Switch over from wood floor to carpet/rugs was smooth and no problems.It went under all the furniture it could and went places regular vacuums rarely, if ever get to!I tried the app to control it with my phone, it actually worked pretty well!True crime stories in particular have found a great new platform to regale us with their intricate narratives, heightening our connection to the stories by often including interviews with the people that the story is actually about.

The biggest hit of recent years was the first season of , which — while extremely compelling — also didn’t provide listeners with any closure (and was followed-up not by another unknown crime, but one with too much exposure).

And while there is no schedule yet for when we might see the anthology, it should be a fascinating project (I’m really interested to see what they do with the casting in particular).

What are some of your favorite podcasts of the moment, and do you have a favorite true crime podcast of the last year or so?

I must say I am really disappointed with the Android application and LG support.

In the end I think it's my issue - firewall blocking access to LG, but the phone support was terrible.

One problem it did encounter was grabbing some power cords under the bed. It got under the bed, tables, and bar stools no problem.