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Most women, if not all the women in the room, would find him by far and away the only one worth looking at more than once.

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Suddenly, she was saved by Rachael Mead who came and joined her.” At the opposite end of the table sat his wife Rachel, a leggy brunette who Sandra had met on numerous occasions and had developed a good relationship with over the past two years or so.Sandra would have estimated her to be around forty-two years of age, easily twenty years, or more, younger than her husband.An Invitation To Be A Naughty Wife Sandra did not want to go. Such functions are always very boring and mainly because Kevin, Sandra’s husband, once he gets into conversation with other work colleagues, just forgets he is supposed to be with her and she ends up like a spare part wishing the whole evening was over and they could just go home.She had been to these functions a few times with her husband. It irritated her all the more when she heard her husband laughing raucously at something one of his friends had said.There is no denying her beauty Sandra thought, her silky auburn hair flowing down towards the small of her back, her eyes a stunning brown shaded by long eyelashes.

She wore a long red dress with low-cut-back that accentuated her figure as it moulded perfectly around her breasts and into her slim waist.

It would be easy to ask what she was doing married to Richard Mead were it not for his obvious wealth.

Sandra had met three of the men before who were friends of Kevin’s.

She would say friends loosely because basically they were all backstabbers when it came down to it.

Malcolm Crompton was a rising star in the company and was the Managing Director of the operation in the north of England.

In fact, looking around the table there wasn’t much to pick from apart the guy who sat at the opposite side of the table to Sandra and a few seats to her left in the direction of the top of the table.