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Astrological compatibility taurus pisces dating

Going on a date with a Pisces is always an exciting affair.

Don’t feel bad if they suddenly share a story featuring their exes, though.Always remember that Pisces want good old-fashioned romance, even if they say they find it sappy or cheesy.Impress them with the great food and the beautiful ambiance.They can have a great time eating hotdogs and sipping soda with you, and they can also be right at home eating a five-course meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant.Pisces can fit right in, and they will always have the best time, whether you plan for it or not.You can take them to see a monster truck show and they will have a great time watching all those sexy beasts in their full glory.

Take them rappelling, whale-watching, or cliff diving, and they will respond with equal amounts of excitement and delight.

They are such big softies who will go out of their way to help people.

They are very sensitive and compassionate, but they are also notoriously headstrong and sometimes hard to control.

When they share something with you about their past, it just means that they are opening up that part of themselves that you weren’t able to see or know.

Pisces are full of thoughts and feelings, making them sensitive and compassionate to a fault.

Pisces are the most sentimental and the most romantic of the star signs in the zodiac.