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Autocad fields not updating

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There would not a need to manually delete the "fake" blocks within any given drawing prior to delivering it to our end customer(s).

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We have to do all setting / maintain and upgrading procedure manually.Once again, if anyone can be of assistance, we would be much obliged.Fully import Excel files into Auto CAD / Auto CAD LT / Micro Station and keep them updated easily.The following descriptions are also applicable to Micro Station.In Auto CAD 2010 or higher, you can find the ribbon interface.If this is not possible in EPDM without and add-in than we believe that this has to be one of the first enhancements to the system, not to mention the inability to send emails to addresses or users based on variable values.

This just seems like a major oversight as EPDM is capable to map to the custom properties of all other files but not Auto CAD files.

Auto Table is proving to be quite a timesaver for Casso Solar, Thanks. - Project Manager - AER Engineers I've had a look at Auto Table.

Alex - Pomona, New York, USA - Casso Solar We haven't seen any problems with the program. It is certainly impressive, fast and real time saver. Pikaso - CAD Manager Introduction Auto Table is designed to provide Auto CAD / Auto CAD LT / Micro Station users a more convenient way working together with .

We are still becoming familiar with the features and don't have any comments to offer. We then can import spreadsheet into / Auto CAD LT / Micro Station and modify it with at anytime.

Besides, you can update table to synchronize it with the original worksheet.

Currently Auto Table for Auto CAD 2010 or higher can import multiple worksheets or ranges at one time.