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The car would contain his young daughter, meaning that a firefight was out of the question. But it could only work if the car was going 32 kilometers per hour (20 mph) or slower.To ensure that the car slowed down, a soldier known as “Blade” came up with an impressively odd idea.

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The idea was that the sight of a gorilla in central Bosnia would so confuse the drivers that they would automatically slow to get a good look at it. If you had wandered down a particular stretch of Bosnian road that day, you would have seen one of the most elite military units in the world standing around with a man dressed as an ape, looking severely pissed off.In those precious seconds, Delta Force would wham the car with the concussion grenade and capture Karadzic. It wouldn’t be the last crazy thing connected to the manhunt for Karadzic.If you need a clear illustration of how little interest Serb authorities had in capturing the monster in their midst, they don’t come much clearer than this.A pretty village in the Bosnian mountains, Pale’s bright colors mask its horrifying past.During the devastating 1992–1995 war, it became the capital of the breakaway Republika Srpska, the ethnically pure Serbian state that Karadzic was attempting to build.Booksellers declared them to be the best things ever written in Serbian.

Parents of young kids rushed out to buy armfuls of children’s books written by a man whose snipers had shot 1,500 children dead in Sarajevo.

After the gorilla incident, Karadzic left Bosnia for Serbia and went into hiding.

While lying low, he managed to write several volumes of poetry, a novel, and a children’s book.

Yet his 13-year flight from justice after the war’s conclusion was frequently less tragic and more darkly comic and surreal.

In his attempts to escape the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Karadzic went to such bizarre lengths that his story seems more suited to a dark Hollywood farce than real life.

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