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Carbon dating nuclear testing

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The Observer, a British newspaper, also stated that British scientists also conducted tests on babies sent from Hong Kong and the research did not end until the 1970s.A government spokesman for Hong Kong announced that his country will investigate further into the reports.

(sources: AP, ; New Zealand Herald, ; Reuters, ) The Australian Federal Government announced that it will conduct a health study of Australian volunteers who worked at Maralinga, a British nuclear test site.The UK detonated 12 atomic bombs in Australia between 19.In 1997, the UK claimed in the European Court of Human Rights that humans were never used as experimental subjects during nuclear weapons tests.Libby later received a Nobel prize for his research in carbon dating.In response to the reports, the Australian government launched an investigation into the claims on 5 June.According to Zlotnikova, "Even today, the incidence of some cancers in Orenburg, a city 130 miles from the range, is double that of the people who suffered in Chernobyl.

A study carried out by the health ministry on cities with the worst health problems puts Orenburg second out of 88. These people were used as guinea pigs, tested, and then left to die slowly of cancer.

deliberately exposed in 1954 to radiation from a bomb twice as powerful as the one dropped on Hiroshima just nine years before. on 14 September 1954, a Soviet Tu-4 bomber dropped a 40,000-ton atomic weapon from 25,000 feet.

The bomb exploded 1,200 feet above Totskoye testing range near the provincial town of Orenburg.

Tamara Zlotnikova, a former member of the Russian Duma, is helping survivors fight for compensation.

She believes that the toll from the test was enormous.

The state does not want their tragedy recognized, because it would cost money.