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Founded in Norman times, very little remains of the original medieval building which was constructed in local sandstone rubble, with dressings of clunch, covered with Caen stone dressing.

This rectory was destroyed by fire in 1697 when Dr. The church registers are now kept in the 17th-century safe in the vestry.It was Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, 668-690, who began to divide England to dioceses and parishes, but this was done very gradually and not completed until long after his day.Originally the monks at Oxenford served this church before they moved to Waverley Abbey after some disastrous floods at Oxenford when some monks and cattle were drowned.It is probable that this was a Saxon holy place, and due to the presence of Bonville Springs, a 'holy well' close to the River Wey, (see: Bonville Spring) Peper Harow may have been a place of pilgrimage.The ancient Yew tree in the churchyard has been dated at over 600 years old, and some local belief puts its age at 1000 years.Every girl "on going out to work" was given 10 shillings by the Church. The first husband was John Adderley, Lord Mayor of London a generation before Dick Whittington.

Note the old chest in the vestry dated 1634 with the letters R. Her second husband was William Brocas, Lord of Peper Harow.

Outside there is an ancient sundial and a terracotta figure overlooking a grave which is a relative of Churchill.

The lychgate is somewhat unusual nowdays; it was used to rest the coffin before taking it into the church or churchyard.

There are still 3 bells, all dating from the 17th Century.

The interior of the church contains many monuments, tablets and inscriptions.

It is interesting to see the parish records which recalled that clothing, blankets, flannel, medicine and even brandy were distributed to the poor of the parish long before what is now known as the Welfare State.