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Consolidating multiple itunes libraries hard drive

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It’s the single most important step in any budget, but it’s even more important with cash flow budgeting.

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You can set up monthly transfers from your draft account to your savings account.You can also divide the money between the accounts on a per deposit basis.How you choose to do so is less important than doing so. This savings provides you the flexibility to cover big expenses or make major purchases on your schedule.You could put several credit card balances onto only one lower-rate card.Or you could obtain a signature loan, unsecured by collateral, to cover the total debt amount.Also include your student loan payments, your insurance and other necessary expenses.

These are your “fixed costs.” They get paid after your savings contributions are made. Include your charitable contributions, vacation savings and retirement account contributions.

These are your “growth expenses.” They get paid after your fixed costs.

It’s helpful to automate savings for these expenses, too.

This message may sound peculiar for personal finance advice.

Remember, though, that you’ve already automated your savings.

That way, you never get caught short on these bills.