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Dating can attraction grow

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I have tried to date men before that I knew were good for me hoping things would change and I would eventually develop attraction, but to no avail. I think if someone sees you with mixed-results in terms of physical looks, I think it can.

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And at least on the outside..makes us feel much better... I have dated guys wherein I was attracted to other things about them rather than their looks. Vash Do you normally have sex with people you are not attracted to? OR, did she get older and fatter so you were no longer attracted?I won't date someone I don't ever want to sleep with, and if I don't in the first 10 minutes I never will... Most of the time when I am attracted to someone strongly, its after getting to know their charming personality.Call it a high school mentality if you want to, but at least in high school it was cut and dry, people try to analyze it too much these days, and there's really no more to it than there used to be. The catch is knowing which one you are, and working with it. As they start to impress me more with their humor, compassion, wit, and all that other good stuff, I get to that point of being mesmerized. Not attractive in the conventional sense, but I can see how a lot of ladies think he is attractive from his persona. I was never initially attracted to my ex, but he grew on me or rather pestered the hell out of me and I fell for his charm.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I don't complain about there being no good men, so maybe that's part of it, but what's wrong with wanting to jump someone's bones in the first few minutes?

That's attraction and for me it's a requirement to move further with someone.

That's why they invented platonic friends:)vvvvv Amen, DJ Chickie:) ^5^^I'm with Sepia - if attraction's not there in the first couple minutes, it's not ever happening.

If it is there it may grow stronger over time, but if it's not it will go nowhere.

I'm thinking more where you feel fairly neutral about them or they are not your type but still have some appeal.

I've definitely known attraction grow the more I've got to know someone.

Also, I think if you're with a girl and she passes your "looks test", when a relationship develops, her looks can get better to you, because overall she's more attractive. I think we all have to have some level of attraction.