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Dating father your child

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If the other parent is interfering with your involvement, document your attempts and the resistance that you are receiving.

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Just because you're excited about a new boyfriend or girlfriend, doesn't mean it's time to tell your child all your hopes and dreams.Just a sign that you're still there, even if you're out, you're having a fun time, and you'll be back in two hours.Replacement Value: It’s important that as you get more serious with a boyfriend or girlfriend, your child doesn’t feel replaced by the new partner.The Top 5 Tips for Dating Parents: Do introduce only those people who you think will become "regular fixtures.” Do NOT have a constant parade of new people coming in and out of the house. Do listen to their concerns, but be clear that this is not something for them to decide.Do gradually introduce the concept, emphasizing that this is something all adults do. Do remember that dating is a time for you -- as an adult. Do NOT allow your children’s concerns to dominate your actions.Do create an atmosphere of open, honest communication -- and make sure to include your ex-partner so your kids don’t feel any confusion or torn loyalties.

Do NOT ask your kids to keep your dating life a secret, and do NOT EVER ask your children to lie for you about your dating, or anything else for that matter.

While no strategies are guaranteed to win custody of your child, following these preparation tips will help you strengthen your case and protect your rights as a parent.

Make sure you are able to demonstrate that you are significantly involved in your child’s life by taking an active role in the care, development, and discipline of your child.

Do you have any advice on what to say, how to say it and what reactions to expect?

Signed, Do Tell " Dear Do Tell, First off, it does not have to be a big deal!

However, the reality is that older children, ages six and up, have more insight and intuitiveness about what is happening than most therapists and courts give them credit for.