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Diffusion measurements and the potassium argon method of dating

The electrical fields would have aligned the quartz grains.[Response: Granite consists of a mixture of millimeter-size mineral grains.

diffusion measurements and the potassium argon method of dating-33

Atomic accelerators bombard nuclei; adding that energy produces radioisotopes and rapid decay.Millions of such variations could be imagined, but all visualize radioactivity as being concentrated near the surface.[Response: Millions of years would be required for the heat to flow up 4.68 or more miles.The more electrical current at a location, the more radioactivity and heat produced.Therefore, the heat flow through the earth’s surface should correlate with radioactivity at the earth’s surface.By using computer simulations and extrapolating the results of experiments to larger scales, we can draw conclusions about the kinds of elements that would have been produced at extremely high temperatures inside huge stars billions of years ago.

As explained in Figure 12 on page 393, electric fields, from centuries of cyclic compression and tension (twice a day) before the flood, increasingly aligned quartz crystals in granite—a process called Electrical fields must have been present as earth’s rocks solidified from a melt.

Therefore, earth’s radioactivity should be concentrated in the continental crust.

The ocean floors and mantle have little radioactivity, because they did not flutter and they contain little to no quartz, so they could not produce strong electrical discharges.

Because of deep frictional deformation below the ocean floors, slightly more heat comes up through them. [See “Magma Production and Movement” on page 157.] The granite crust contains almost all earth’s radioactive material, because piezoelectric effects in the fluttering crust released powerful electrical discharges within granite and generated unstable isotopes.

K was produced in several ways as the crust was fluttering during the global flood.

If that much time elapsed, some locations would have eroded more than others.