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Flügel specialize in "shiritori", word games where players must add words whose first letter is the last of his/her opponent's — except they also create an alternate dimension where things the words indicate does not exist will appear, and likewise objects already present will disappear.

The thing is, she would only wake up if she manages to fall in love, creating a very complex and difficult "Real Life Romance Game".In truth, Plum is the very last male Dhampir, forced to go around in drag to avoid an unwanted (and potentially fatal) encounter with the Sirens.The fifteenth-ranking Exceed (thus sandwiched between Warbeasts and Imanity), the Sirens are an all-female race of aquatic creatures, living in Oceando, the great sea between Andalucia (home continent of Elchea) and the Eastern Federation's home islands.While a single Ex-Machina might be of limited threat, information from their death will be shared throughout the neural network and counter-measures will be put in place.Meaning that not only will the same tactic/attack not work again, but will be added to every Ex-Machinae's ever-expanding arsenal.She is a member of the Council of Eighteen Wings, as well as custodian of the National Library of Elchea, won from Stephanie's grandfather five years prior to Sora and Shiro's arrival.

After the siblings defeat her in shiritori (in which she bet The fourteenth-ranking Exceed, the Warbeasts, distinguishable by their ears, claws and tail, are one of two races without magic ability (the other being Imanity), which is more than made up for with heightened senses and telepathy.

Created by the Old Deus, Kainasu, they are the seventh-ranking Exceed and one of the more magically-proficient races in Disboard, living in Elvengard, currently the largest territory in Disboard.

Though democratic in nature, Elves keep slaves from other races by winning as a wager (such as The sixth-ranking Exceed, Flügels are angelic beings specifically created by the Old Deus as their Living Weapons, thus they tend to be sarcastic and harsh.

They are also the Disboard equivalent of the "Wutai" trope, having a very strong Japanese influence.

Warbeasts specialize in video games — something with which Sora and Shiro have lots of experience playing in.

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