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Emma thompson and alan rickman dating

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All three stars earned Academy Award nominations, making it the second time Winslet and a co-star both earned nominations for playing different versions of the same character.That same year, Winslet co-starred as a code-breaker in the World War II-era spy drama explores the relationship between a young boy and an older woman (Winslet), and their later encounter when she is put on trial for war crimes.

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In the film, Winslet played Juliet Hulme, a schoolgirl with tuberculosis whose obsessive friendship with a classmate leads the two girls to murder the classmate's mother in order to avoid separation. The actress proved she could hold her own across from screen legends such as Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman. The film won numerous Academy Awards, including best picture and best director, and scored Winslet her second Academy Award nomination, this time for best actress.But it is the way it is.” [From Contact Music] You see, when she says it, it sounds great.But coming out Madonna’s mouth – well, let’s just say it didn’t seem this thoughtful or pleasant. But speaking of men who dated Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie (“House”) recently gave an interview to Playboy.Winslet played the young Iris Murdoch, an unconventional student.Judi Dench played the older Iris, whose husband (Jim Broadbent) tries to help her as she struggles with the growing effects of her Alzheimer's disease.It’s interesting to know that Greg Wise is a bit stuffy. He talks about how much fun he and Thompson had when they used to date.

Hugh Laurie looks back on his romance with ex-girlfriend Emma Thompson with fond memories.

Thompson recently spoke out about Madonna’s immediate post-separation statement that Guy Ritchie was “emotionally retarded”.

Actress Emma Thompson felt a rapport with Madonna when the pop superstar publicly referred to her ex-husband Guy Ritchie as “emotionally retarded”, because she thinks the same of her spouse, actor Greg Wise.

That’s how I imagine British men – romantic and lovely, not “emotionally retarded”.

First we heard all about this tragic deleted scene, and now we’ve learned some even more heartbreaking news about the characters played by Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, Karen and Harry. Between learning that Martin Freeman wore a little sock on his willy during his scenes and that Richard Curtis only called Colin Firth’s character Jamie so the kids could say ‘I hate Uncle Jamie’ (his brother is called Jamie), we also learned what happened to Karen and Harry after his betrayal.

She says, “I felt very badly for British men when she said that.