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Eurometric dating

04/2014 – 08/2014 Director & freelance Survey Consultant (temporary assignment) at OEO (Osaimi Engineering Office), Al-Khobar/ Saudi Arabia 08/2012 – 03/2014 Chief Surveyor & Quantity Surveyor at STRABAG/ Germany 01/2012 – 02/2012 Managing Surveyor at INOCLAD Middle East, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia 07/2008 – 07/2010 Head of Survey Section of the BARWA Commercial Avenue Project (BCA) at HOCHTIEF/ BCA Survey Department, Qatar 10/2000 – 07/2012 Managing Director & Co-Owner of Survey Firm at EUROMETRIC, Greece 07/2003 – 07/2008 Managing Director and Co-Partner at Augusta Computer Systems, Greece: 05/2001 – 05/2002 Building Maintenance Manager at AXIMA Services A. / at NAIA, Greece: 01/2000 – 10/2000 Head of Section of the Survey Department for the construction of NAIA at HOCHTIEF/NAIA Survey Department, Athens/ Greece: 09/1998 - 12/1999 Senior Survey Engineer & Deputy Head of Section at HOCHTIEF/NAIA Survey Department, Athens/ Greece 06/1997 - 08/1998 Civil Survey Engineer at HOCHTIEF/NAIA Survey Department: 1996 – 1997 Freelance Surveyor for construction companies, Germany.1995 – 1996 Supervisor & Civil Survey Engineer Stuttgart Airport project at HOCHTIEF, Frankfurt, Germany 1993 – 1995 Quantity Surveyor & Deputy General Foreman at HOCHTIEF, Frankfurt: 1991 – 1993 Office Engineer at Cadastral Survey Department of the State of Hesse in Rüdesheim/ Rhein 1989 – 1991 Field & Office Engineer at Kiehl Engineering Office, Bad Kreuznach: Education 1986 – 1989 Studies and Apprenticeship, Completed as Officially Certified Surveyor.

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This is the force that makes up matter in the universe.The electrons will travel between the two materials, being attracted to the opposite charged electrons in the other material.This will leave more of the same charge electrons on the surface of each object, thus changing the dominant charge of the object overall.This model was later corrected to include objects moving at a constant velocity when the forces are in equilibrium.This type of equilibrium is called dynamic equilibrium, while the one with the object at rest is called static equilibrium.Forces in nature cause objects to move or to stay in place. It acts upon the elements of the nucleus of the atom, keeping neutrons and protons together.

There are four fundamental forces in nature: strong, electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational. Strong and weak forces, contrast to electrical and gravitational forces, affect matter on the nuclear level only. This force is carried by gluons and binds quarks together to form larger particles.

One of the first scientists to investigate forces and to create a model of their interaction with matter in the universe was Aristotle.

According to his model, if the net vector sum of the forces acting upon an object is zero, the forces are in the state of equilibrium and the object is stationary.

Electromagnetic force is the second strongest force.

It is an interaction between particles with the opposite or the same electrical charges.

This movement of particles, which are repelled or attracted to other particles, is electricity — a physical phenomenon which we use in daily lives and in most of technology.