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Cancel property to "true"; 3) Call the ASPx Grid View. These steps are required since you are performing a CRUD operation manually.Please refer to the Q350997 - ASPx Grid View / Linq Data Soure - "Specified method is not supported" error report for more information.

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I built (attached) the simplest possible example that exhibits the problem I am seeing removing everything step by step from my first example until I had the minimum that would cause the symptom.2 grids connected to 2 Linq Server Mode Data Sources - one on the right called working, and one on the left called broken The working grid is passed the following Link Querye. Transactions select t; This one works as expected, if you edit a row and change a value you will get 2 values passed into the Updating event handler (I haven't implemented the saving of data - so it doesn't change the data).The broken grid is handled almost identically except it is passed a link statement projecting an anonymous type (containing exactly the same data).e. Transactions select new ; When you edit a row and then press update no data is passed to the Updating event handler (raising the exception I put in as a guard statement).Note a handler for the Grids On Row Updating event would correctly get the values but they just don't get passed to the Linq Server Mode Data Source' updating handler. This issue is caused by the fact that the list of anonymous objects does not provide built-in editing capabilities: Anonymous types provide a convenient way to encapsulate a set of read-only properties into a single object without having to explicitly define a type first...Except Id, I have put Footer Template for every column because all the field are available. For more companionship about fitting shows, see NIB: Students the Row Deleting and Row Deleted hours.This is strong an alternative of how we will add, edit, and brother enter in a Grid View. Sets the Command Argument property of the button to "First", "Last", "Next", "Prev", or a page number to specify the type of paging operation to perform. For other command buttons, you must manually set the Command Argument property of the command button.

I have also used a textbox, a drop down list, and a checkbox which we use in the case of data add, delete, and update. Using the code Make two tables in a database: Raises the Row Updating and Row Updated events. The following example demonstrates how to use the Row Command event to add the name of a customer from a Grid View control to a List Box control when a row's Add button is clicked.

Updating event handle didn't have the necessary items. You'll get an exception If you add a handler to the Grids Row Updating event you should get an exception raised if you edit the row and update it. ASPx Data Updating Event Args e) Here if you do the same thing you won't get an exception as there should be 3 items in the New Values dictionary.

protected void ASPx Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Dev Express. I believe the Grid isn't sending the Data it knows about to the Data Source in certain cases, and I believe the example I sent is one of those cases.

Thanks, Vest I understand I can implement the CRUD code directly in the ASPx Grids Row Updating as it's New Values dictionary correctly has all the new values from the editors.

The problem I was having was because I was trying to implement the CRUD code at the Data Source which is something a recent video on using the Linq Server Mode Data Source explained should be possible.

In addition, please clarify: - What exactly error you have encountered? Regards, Mike Hi thanks for the quick response To be clear the symptom I am seeing is that edits to the edit form are not saved when the update button is pressed.