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If there is any downside, it is its far northern latitude that brings very cold winter weather, although there are noted microclimates in Boundary County.The occasional heavy snowfall, however, is clearly a benefit (as in all the Rockies), because that provides the reserve of water to grow fir trees, and fills the lakes and aquifers that abound in the area.

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If you’re in need of providing outside extracurricular activities to children (or adults), locate near the town of Sandpoint in Bonner County.Be sure and check back each week for more detailed analysis of great safe places and check out Mr. In your assessment you need to consider many competing factors, including acceptable climate, distance to town and needed services, neighbors, physical safety from potential refugees and lawlessness, and how to do all this while maintaining your financial lifeline. Both Todd Savage and Nick Matthews of Survival Retreat Consulting (SRC) and I spend a lot of time with our separate consulting clients trying to balance out these conflicting needs of safety and security with location and convenience during good times.For most people, having a full time residence/retreat close to a small or medium sized town satisfies most of their criteria.Fortunately, there are a eight key tactical points that may slow or stop travel northward to Sandpoint and then to Boundary County, including a number of bridges SEE MAP.Remember, that it is actually beneficial for your safety to have numerous towns between your location and major cities, to absorb refugees.It got me thinking about some others on VP who are mixed races and asking "What about me? The difference here though is that we weren't having a conversation about race and the was out of the blue. It's everything from voluntary segregation is good, to bad, to picking your own race or denying your own race, to everything in-between.

I think he spoke for millions of mixed race Americans who know that something big is coming even if they don't know what is coming. A good example is an article I read the other day about a company who had the races break out into groups by race to discuss racial tensions in the office.

Others, who need to be closer, or in town for work, should establish a semi-rural suburban residence for convenience and a separate retreat or rural farm for ultimate safety.

The more rural you are, the higher the cost of building, maintaining equipment and commuting to civilization—and, the higher your expenses for services including utilities, alternate energy and internet connectivity.

This area differs in important ways from the broader area to the south from Coeur d’Alene down through Mc Call, Id., which I will cover in another briefing.

In many ways this northern panhandle of Idaho is one of my favorite areas in all of the United States because it combines distance from large population centers, good forestation at low altitudes, plenty of water for agriculture, and very low government regulation for building permits.

It’s important to thrive when you relocate, as well as survive.