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Glee episode puck and rachel dating

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Afraid of everyone around her there is only one person she allows near her. Since her mom's death, Bella's dad has been distant and uncaring. By the time Bella is a senior in high school, Charlie is physically abusive. Maura arrives on Jane's doorstep in a suit and 'packing' a surprise. She begins to bond with the older woman but what will happen when she gets too close? She may even find her unexpected mate along the way. Bella barely managed to save Edward in time in New Moon. Near destitute Belle must sell herself to the highest bidder. I should have done it sooner and I realise now that maybe I haven't been a very good friend." Rizzles. The Bellas are surprised to find out why Beca has been so illusive since the end of her freshman year. I took the saying "Stop waiting for Prince Charming. The poor idiot may be stuck in a tree or something." and played with it, this is the result :) Let me know what you think of it. Throughout their journey, many things will change and they will find out what true love really is. Rachel becomes Kitty Rachel and then becomes Jewfasa. May be helpful to read my Revelations series first as it shows my conception of how their relationship began and includes the first coming out story Alex has been released from Division after her session with Amanda and Nikita's gone to pick her up and take her home. Jane does the unthinkable and this causes Maura to see her in a different way. M language and later chapters An inside view of the Miranda/Andy relationship after Paris.

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It's about the kidney donation issue because face it…we all know it is going to happen. Things heat up almost instantly because it turns out they have a few guilty pleasures in common... Miranda knows how she feels about Andrea Sachs-and she also knows that she has to take the initiative before they incinerate from unresolved emotions. Rachel has been fond of Quinn's rugged style ever since senior year began, but when the ex-cheerleader decides to introduce an even edgier article to her wardrobe, the new addition has Rachel sweating. With the help of Zack, Cody and others, along with a new guest, both girls will know that love is something really magical. Using magic together has formed a bond between Emma and Regina that has lead to them feeling each other's emotions. This is basically an excuse to write some good old-fashioned PWP. So Quinn and Santana take it upon themselves to fix the situation. PWPA gruesome present adressed to Jane arrives at the precinct just after Maura and she finally gave in to their mutual attraction. If you're not comfortable with that, I suggest you skip this one. Regina takes in the lost baby girl and bonds with her, eventually telling her personal things, having no idea she's actually talking to Miss Swan, who is hearing everything, and it changes how she sees Regina (in a good way). Takes place following the return from Neverland with a slight AU: Pan's curse never happened and Emma and Henry stayed in Storybrooke. Jane discovers Maura in an unusual situation, forcing them to examine their relationship. Alice femslash OC, don't like don't read It's been more than two years since Andy left Miranda in Paris. Sparks fly, emotions run high and deep, and nothing will ever be the same again. The Cullen's move to Forks and are joined by a new member, Isabella Marie Whitlock, Jasper's hybrid daughter. Only problem is Glee can't go two practices without her direction. I was in the car listening to the song Begin Again by Taylor Swift and it made me think of Faberry and the Finchel breakup. Will these to rivals find love just as their ancestors did? When she still acts on the information with the best of intentions, she knows she risks her job, her heart, perhaps her very life, if Miranda finds out. CH6 is probabaly M rated but I'm too lazy to change. Hilarity ensues as they rather clumsily find out what is behind Bella's closed doors... Bella loses everything the same day Edward leaves in NM. and what better way to do that than steal edwards mate? Kim comes with shocking news after having not seen Shego for months. Oneshot, Rated M for sexual content and language, FEMSLASH Alice/Bella AU/ Twilight - A lesbian werewolf Imprints on Alice, and is tossed out of La Push and the Pack. Healing the Past (Bella/Tanya/Rosalie) [requested]5. Santana's Unicorn (Rachel/Santana “short multi chapter”)10. Claiming What’s Mine (Rachel/Santana)To Save You List twelve of your characters from your fandom, in no particular order.1. Rachel calls Quinn in tears about her breakup with Finn and asks her to use her Metro North pass to visit her and when Quinn shows up the next day everything changes. She's feeling something; maybe frustration at having to listen to more pick up lines? When Shego finds the diary of Mim's lover, she shares it with Kim. Andy overhears something that was clearly not meant for her to ever know. My version of what happened beyond what we've seen, the unmistakeable attraction that each tries to hide. Bella's Family and friends work togther to discover what it is Bella is hiding. Bella/Parker femslash.victoria is out for revenge against edward for taking away her mate. The curse can't be lifted and Shego decides to be alone for a while. will one sleepover at Alice's turn it into something more? Two Cullen's in particular have made it their goal to save Bella. ["This," Regina gestured to the red glowing object in her hand, "is my heart." "Wait what? Bella will do her best to stay true to whom she thought she loved; but the Volturi leaders are very motivated to change Bella's mind. Can she survive his brutal nature and show him how to be human again? Maura falls in love with the woman on the other line, but what happens when Jane tells her she is finally ready to take her own life? A fierce wave of protectiveness swept over her; an overwhelming tide of rage surged through her veins as her hazel eyes steadfastly stared at the scene unfolding on the screen, as though her unfaltering vigil would and could keep Jane safe from Dominic. When a designer tries to pull a fast one, all hell breaks loose in the tents. A massive thunderstorm knocks out the power in Jane's apartment and also knocks down the walls Jane and Maura built around their feelings for each other. Rizzles Fan Awards round 4 runner up, Best NC-17 story! I know it took me forever to get another story written; thank you Grad school; but hey, here it is and I hope you all enjoy it. I don't own these characters, and this is my first post - so please be gentle. Page Six publishes pictures of MIranda Priestly and her assistant, Andrea Sachs, in provocative situations. Victoria/Bella Femslash And if Rachel was singing out her life being hell and her dreams being killed…well Quinn couldn't imagine a more drastic time in her entire life. Turns out being forced to work on Valentine's Day because she's single may not be such a bad thing. femslash Touching someone once is an occurrence, or should be. Touching someone a third time, can be a Delivering the book and the dry-cleaning to Miranda's townhouse as usual, Andy finds herself in the closet in more ways than one as the door closes behind simply won't open. During a fateful stay at the Burrow, Hermione lets her true feelings be known. AU version of 1x17 "Covenants" Alex/Nikita, femslash Spoilers for In Name and Blood; how will Emily's pending transfer affect her relationship with JJ? In response to a writing class assignment, Andy writes about a song that reminds her of Miranda, not realizing it'll be published. Set after Edward Leaves in New Moon and Bella grieves October through January. So, for those that have already read this at the DWP community, read it again!

When the Cullen's move to town they turn Bella's world upside down. Happened after 3x15 (Quiet Minds) and differ from that point. When the three of them are brought to meet the leaders of the Volturi they are all in for a surprise. Post-Movie, by about a year, BUT no paris, and Andrea is still working for Miranda, even after her 'year' was up... Andy watched closely as Miranda stepped from the elevator. But even her deepest imaginations and fears never prepared her for a creature such as the Beast. "You've been by my side through good times and bad, through the nightmares, the shootings, the kidnapping and everything in between. Will Chloe and Aubrey still be interested in having Beca as theirs when they find out the truth? Jane calls a suicide help line after being kidnapped by Hoyt and Maura is the person that answers her calls. Fall Fashion Week is fast approaching and Miranda is getting ready to play hostess to the world she rules. Bella, still a virgin at 20 & perpetually horny and snarky, has a heart too big to worry about herself. Enter Lion Quinn into the mix and pure love happens. However, when they return to the loft they find a new danger lurking. Alex/Olivia dancing around their feelings and as they do they slowly start to realize how much they need and love each other, no matter how hard the road ahead is they can handle it together. No Lemons, just a fluffy love story, with some angst, drama and fun thrown in. This was my first story about The Devil Wears Prada and it has been edited.

What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve kissing? Andy in turn, loves her new job at the Mirror, but hurts every time she sees her from a distance. She looked down at her hands in her lap and then up to Emma's eyes. Alex and Olivia are celebrating Christmas together for the first time. Just Regina and Emma, cutting loose while sipping on some shots at Granny's.

I think Emily and Esme would work out better to be honest.7. Miranda and Andy arrive at the house 48 hours prior to the event to oversee preparations. Miranda is trying to get used to a life without Andrea. She swallowed again, finding her mouth to be very dry. The girls are in a polygamous lesbian relationship in this.

It happened over the summer when no one was looking and no one could comment. Tori thinks that doing it will end badly but there is only one way to find out. Respectfully dedicated to the authors of the stories I return to again and again. Jane / Maura Alex decides to take an overworked Olivia to her family's cabin in Montauk for a week.

Nominated for BEST NC-17 - 2015 RIZZLES FAN AWARDS! Tori is chosen to perform a song for a school assembly and Andre convinces her to use the opportunity to finally reveal her feelings for Jade. Alice tells Andie she and her family are vampires, and tells Andie she is her mate. Soon, they realize that this time, they're not after an ordinary killer, but someone with their own agenda...

They will make her see how evil the mayor is at any cost. And why is she suddenly so affected by Jane's burning gaze? "]Jane is receiving an award and invites Maura to attend. While researching the American Dream to own a home for an Independence Day article, Andy uncovers information that may prove helpful to Miranda, if she dares to contact her former boss. But, what happens one day when her hot brunette neighboor finds out? When she wakes up she is in the Volturi Castle, she is made an offer she cannot refuse. What happens when Santana and Rachel are paired up to sing a duet? Rachel's heart is broken to pieces and Santana comes along and is determined to make her whole again, and they end up falling in love. Through a series of heinous crimes involiving drugs, rape, and murder by someone surprisingly familiar, Olivia and Alex discover they want to be more than friends.