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Kingwood dating

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Another of these sets was sold on the site recently, though a later model.- Back around 2008 I acquired a circa 1870s J&R Glen bagpipe in cocuswood with ivory mounts.

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There were a number of hairline cracks here and there, but nothing that was visible until the finish was removed from the pipes.I purchased this gem of a set as having been made in the 1920s, but my trusted refurbishers at Dunbar Bagpipes believe they are much closer to 1900. The slides are silver, almost certainly a later addition.They are not hallmarked but but are stamped with two words: STERLING and SAW.This has been replaced by an excellent blackwood replica, virtually undetectable as a replacement. Hardie company, likely around 1960, the set is blackwood, and the drones are mounted in catalin, an artificial ivory material that is resiliant and long-lasting but which turns pumpkin orange as time passes. The stocks have nickel ferrules Bob Hardie was one of the most successful bagpipe makers of all time and was renown for the quality of wood he used.This is a tonally exceptional set that would be comfortable on any stage.- This is not the usual high-end vintage instrument this site is known for, but the set came as an add-on with a high-end set, so here it is, and at a great price. I frequently find 70-year-old Hardie sets still crack-free, and with perfectly even tuning chambers.The wood was in excellent shape for 100-year-old ebony.

There was one hairline crack under the ferrule on the chanter stock that has been repaired. This is an excellent opportunity to get a classic Henderson set at an excellent price.

A small split in the ivory ferrule on the chanter stock has also been filled. - These little button-mount cocuswood David Glen pipes are real gems: great character, rich and rock steady, and very light on the shoulder.

This set originally had ivory caps, but they were replaced with artificial ivory with a very realisitc grain.

It wasn't a perfect fit, but the repair is solid and stable. I'm selling this set as sticks and stocks only, allowing the buyer to install less expensive accessories than I usually stock.

However, if you want them set up to play, we can discuss this as well.

The blowstick stock is blackwood, lined with polypenco, made by Dunbar. The seller from whom I bought them some years ago had originally gotten them from Jim Mc Intosh in the 1980s. The chanter stock is a perfect match to the rest of the set, except that the ivory ferrule lacks the double scribe-line: again, barely noticeable.