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Live bookmarks not updating

live bookmarks not updating-38

Now, switch to Modern UI IE 11, right-click anywhere to see all the opened tabs and an option to open new tabs.

For more information, see Features Available by Office Application and Project Type.If you are developing a document-level customization, you can also update text in a Bookmark control that is bound to data.For more information, see Binding Data to Controls in Office Solutions.Long time Internet Explorer users who prefer the browser over other popular options may find Tab Syncing feature introduced in IE11 as useful for improving the browsing experience.Using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1, you can sync Internet Explorer Open Tabs, as well as Favorites, History and Settings across all your Windows 8.1 devices using the same Microsoft account.To sync the IE tabs, open the ‘Settings’ charm and then move the cursor in the lower-left corner of your computer screen to access ‘Change PC Settings’ option.

Next, from the left-pane, click ‘Sky Drive’ option and then select ‘Sync settings’ to display the sync options hidden under it.

With Firefox on all your devices, you can access bookmarks, tabs and passwords with one easy sign-in. Your Firefox Account is the doorway to all your web stuff—we help you keep it safe.

Sign in to your Firefox Account on mobile or tablet to get your open tabs, bookmarks and passwords anywhere. Your data is always in your control, unreadable by anyone else, and encrypted with your account password. Catch up on your open tabs and saved reads over Saturday morning coffee.

Now see how you can sync Windows 8.1 settings and make all your devices use the same settings.

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i saw that YOU got your prob fixed by adding in the refresh pref, so this is just to close the conversation.