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It is always different, so if you’ve found this information before, it will now be different.

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When the key has turned, you are able to go through the door.Cette technique permet aux réalisateurs de visualiser des scènes avant qu'elles ne soient animées afin de tester les cinématiques de la série, ce qui constitue une opportunité pour les réalisateurs de travailler dans un environnement en trois dimensions.The app is solely for women and has over one million users worldwide already.It will be dark in the Dance Club, if you are a member and have the Night-Vision Goggles, take them out to look around.Center the beam (if using the torch) on the speaker which hides the secret entrance to the Boiler Room.Take out the paperclip you collected earlier on and click inside the box with it.

Before you leave, look around the HQ for the torch (flashlight) below the map of Club Penguin.

Then, when it is zoomed in, click on the dic drive with the boot disc and press the on button.

Put the key in your inventory, then go back to the Gift Shop.

Look round the room for the fuse box on the wall then click on it.

This is quite tricky because every time you turn one light green, the ones around it turn red.

When you are finished, go back to G at HQ and talk to him, then you will recieve your medal and a thankyou card from Dancing Penguin.