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I can't imagine he's getting rid of threads this fast, it must be something else.Agree with the posters above that more "stealth" threads are going to be necessary.r36, he was able to do the same thing on another site that is similar to this site.

There is no right of free speech on a message board, and any website owner has every right to delete content he deems inappropriate or unacceptable without explanation.I'm new to this "pastor." Was surprised to read how freely and inappropriately he discusses his sex drive, demanding sex before dinner so he could concentrate! His murdered wife had to put up porn blocks on his computer that she and another pastor monitored.He was able to bypass those, as he bragged about in a sermon.Investigators ran a DNA test on the sweater and got a hit on Jalen Watson.Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said that was the first major break in the case.If this seems random to you, then stay on the short bus.

A stolen sweater, ATM receipt, and cell phone records were key clues in tracking down the men suspected of killing Amanda Blackburn.

Investigators said the debit card used on the receipt matched Blackburn’s.

Investigators got a warrant to search a camera on the machine.

The moderator has been on vacation so I think Davey has found a hole In the system to manipulate this site.

Davey brags about getting around the porn block, so he is familiar with fake IPs, etc.

DL is well within it its right's to do this, but I still think this is the wrong approach to take The new thread title can be GIL T. We can just refer to him with anything but his name. I can't stand that this asshole has decided to work 24/7 with shutting down these thread. Once you know, go fast, and we'll be right there with you."So in December of this year Kristi will be my wife! We can't wait to celebrate God's redemption in our story!