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Thursday will be partly sunny and a little warmer, with highs in the 30s. SCAMMBMW tt OMT SRIOAOI appllottgna for ffltmb«r»hio sf* av«llabtt from Ctwlft Gotm Mck. Appiicatkmt ars du* »r Friday JUNIOn MEN wlihlng to b« nomi Mt Ml Mr Blue Key t^tou M pick up forms in Ai Mttrton 104. The assorted group of students, faculty and one administrator - were assigned roles as high school students, parento, hi^ sdiooi teachers, a school counselor, and po Uce ctuef.

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Monday was the deadline for introduction of bills by individual l^lators, and 137 of them were dunqted on Senate and Hcuia detta. Miali CAligart" in its German film series Will ba KMwn at 7 p.m. But women are and should be treated as man's equal.KAWtai ITATg COLLSat AIL m^^Au^m Local Forecast Considerable cloudiness, windy and cold is the outlook fbr today, with highs in the mid 20s to low 30s. The activity, according to those who are sup- posed to know, is designed to give you a better insight into somebody who Is veiy dlttarait fnmi In goals, valtiea and gaeaiwl lifestyles.Tonight will be partly cloudy and cooler, with lows in the teens. WT pm gtt will m Ml M 3:1» fk Ml* III Hw MHMv^ \ W » »m. CMi MIt appllcat Wra arc now avallabl* for ■ity m nwt mn mtmm wim • 34 opa or ttntf. TWS PARTICULAR session of role playing was bdng done wlttda the framework of a 40 hour seminar on drags, call^ the Social Seminar, and aponacred by the Natiaoal Institute of Mental Health.A btg 19" diagonal Super-Screen picture in a compact grained Kaatimir Walnut color cabinet. Solid-Stale Super Video Range Tuner Customized Tuning Automatic Tmi Guard Control 5" X 3" Speaker over 90% so Nd-state chassis! IT'S MOKt UKt A BIO cozy Of N THAN A0ltvile l Ul Mflta We BUoop Skopptag Center AUDITION for the 1 973 - 1 974 K-STATE SINGERS Open Only To Non-Music Ma[ors APPLICATIONS IN TRAILER A ROOM 4 4 Opponents twist ERA meaning Edttor It's incredible fliat a piece of l^islation as simple as tfae Equal Righto Ame Ddmeot can be 80 nii«^ Hie amendment states: '^Equality of riglits under the law shall not be denied or abridged by liie United States or by any state on account of sex." YET OPPONENTS of the ameiidinent in a number states, Kansas Included, are twisting the amendment's meaning by way of poor logic and irrational ^fcfa^ ISieir arguments include: —The ERA will force women to enter military service taltag them out of American homes and away irom tb^ diildren.TERMS 204 POVNTZ frixso N's mi ON NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. — Women divorcees will no Unger be able to receive alimony or child support."The role I [^yed is exac Uy what my Ta tiicr is Uke today.

And although I broke ctown and compromised, iar the sake of this groups I'm not so sure he would have under similiar circumstancas." John did ad B*^ however that he had tetraedtty* * playiog that role. OF F I C E S art in tha norm wing of Kad/if Hall, phone $33-^.

Vincent Cooi^ assistant vice president for planning, said presently there are no short-term plans for tearing down the con- sovatory.

"We are in the interim steps of planning for an education com- plex and ttie eonaervatcry is one of the possible sites," he said, "but we have sevoral alternate plans including refurbishing Nichols conservatory today would be extremely expensive.

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— European governments praised the United Statet Tuesday for swif Uy and deciiively brlngiqg to ao end the o Ub ot enfitewe In ttw dollar.

Itobert Docking's budget message and accounts for |633,a N^ sf Docking's proposed H JS fa UUan budget WAWNGTa N ~ President Nixon Tuesday ordered all flags be raised full staff Wednesday to honor returning prisoners of war and a U American casualties in Vietnam. MIAMI BEACH — Secretary of State WQIiam Rogers said Tuesday night an agreement with Cuba on curbing hijacking would be signed in a "few days." Rogers, who arrived here with l Yeasury Secretary George Shultz to discuss foreign trade issues with AFL-CIO leaders, refused to give newsmen any further details. TMr« w Hi M • pmrn H mamm m ' Fscully, HM Lunill Mli I mtt WN m m Pollcv." SMALL WOll LA will me«t at 7 % p.m. l IMn w HI b* itw Mm on Libya, emeu K will matta*p,m. THIS 15 GOING TD^ f&E A ei^EAT EVENING] MAKl El OL' CHUCK 15 le EAi XV 60IN6 TO BE Exciiep; I M NOT 60(N6, 6^ 3, . \ I CAh Jteo THK0t/6Hlt)ITH Identity by role playing Ten people each became someone else for a few hours last week, and in the process teamed about tfaemsehws.