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Hie stock market reacted with an initial burst of mttiurim and ttials Fits indicted a Ml fl^ foreign investment. — Women and men will be forced to use the same public restrooms.

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Most btsiness tetdm mpnamd hope Ifae mora would help to booit foreign and domestic sales by nuikiiig U. goods cheaper abroad and foni CB g BOdi MM expensive in the United States. THE GIFTS THAT SHOW YOUR LOVE from TBS BATE SHOP 301 POYNTZ* MANHATTAN THE PIZZA HUT ATMOSPHERE MIGHT JUST START AFEWLOVEAFFAffi S There are big pinas to share. — Women will not be aide to a^io Are their husbands' names when they marry.FRANKLY SPEARING" Philfraak 'IT TO Be A V4li BMTl H£S a BP -JO W ELECTRIC TTfl PMTRITe Rl Campus Bulletin ANNOUNCIMKNTS For umpu* MMtlii mmmm w wni to nw co(I*o Im «(M»lv 1 p.m. TIACHBR IDUCATION PROGRAM ap (Micallom for MCsnd^cnt MMr wphomor M ' In mhm 111. Another student was a parent, who liad been thri High the system, seen the Ught, and gone liberal.One faculty member, who regularly teaches graduate students, had the re.A btg 19" diagonal Super-Screen picture in a compact grained Kaatimir Walnut color cabinet. Solid-Stale Super Video Range Tuner Customized Tuning Automatic Tmi Guard Control 5" X 3" Speaker over 90% so Nd-state chassis! IT'S MOKt UKt A BIO cozy Of N THAN A0ltvile l Ul Mflta We BUoop Skopptag Center AUDITION for the 1 973 - 1 974 K-STATE SINGERS Open Only To Non-Music Ma[ors APPLICATIONS IN TRAILER A ROOM 4 4 Opponents twist ERA meaning Edttor It's incredible fliat a piece of l^islation as simple as tfae Equal Righto Ame Ddmeot can be 80 nii«^ Hie amendment states: '^Equality of riglits under the law shall not be denied or abridged by liie United States or by any state on account of sex." YET OPPONENTS of the ameiidinent in a number states, Kansas Included, are twisting the amendment's meaning by way of poor logic and irrational ^fcfa^ ISieir arguments include: —The ERA will force women to enter military service taltag them out of American homes and away irom tb^ diildren.TERMS 204 POVNTZ frixso N's mi ON NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. — Women divorcees will no Unger be able to receive alimony or child support.KAWtai ITATg COLLSat AIL m^^Au^m Local Forecast Considerable cloudiness, windy and cold is the outlook fbr today, with highs in the mid 20s to low 30s. The activity, according to those who are sup- posed to know, is designed to give you a better insight into somebody who Is veiy dlttarait fnmi In goals, valtiea and gaeaiwl lifestyles.

Tonight will be partly cloudy and cooler, with lows in the teens. WT pm gtt will m Ml M 3:1» fk Ml* III Hw MHMv^ \ W » »m. CMi MIt appllcat Wra arc now avallabl* for ■ity m nwt mn mtmm wim • 34 opa or ttntf. TWS PARTICULAR session of role playing was bdng done wlttda the framework of a 40 hour seminar on drags, call^ the Social Seminar, and aponacred by the Natiaoal Institute of Mental Health.

Cool said he believes if the planning board does decide to put the new education onnplex where the oottservatory is presently located, they woulii also decide to relocate the conservatory rather tai d MMilsli it. assistant professor of horticulture and forestry, reemphasized Wilson's concern that tfae buildtag be kept as it is.

FOR STEREO TAPE SERVICE FARRELL TV 1 10 South Third COOL SAID by next fall the University should have definite plans on where tl K eeriy or van OUi) AT THE DAIRY QUEEN 1015 N. "The design and structure of the building make it virtually priceless,*' Mattson said.

From now until a late-session deadline, a U bffli tmtm to be introduced by committees. More rational opponents of the ERA argue that "equality" as stated in the amendment is a vague term and enforcement if the measure becomes law would be difficult. Constitution is supposed to grant rights to all citizens.

The appropriations bill introduced Tuesday bf the Senate Ways and Means Committee embodias recomii Mndations made in Ckiiv. Wednesday is the day on which the first of the released POWs are scheduled to reach American so U. Hie concepts of "due ^ocess" and "justice" under the law also are vague, but the courts have beoi able to determine their meanings. The ERA simply is intend^ to clarify that women, too, are ci Uzens and shall be treated as such under ttie law. W KNOW THAT l»)£ PON'T REAU.'^' THINK CHl/CK \fmm$ A i B^n MONi AL mm.

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