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Medicare backdating documentation

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The sentencing judge intended to impose head sentences totalling 28 years and NPPs totalling 15 years, both commencing on .

Objection was taken on the grounds of self-incrimination.Applicant's case for special facts or special circumstances was that relevant information was now available which was not known to applicant or reasonably ascertainable by him prior to the committal hearing.Application for bail not entertained following an earlier order of the SC revoking bail - no question of principle.STEVENS, Russell John - CCA, Spigelman CJ, Simpson J, Smart AJCitation: R v Stevens [2001] NSWCCA 330Conviction and sentence appeal.Maliciously inflict GBH; supply prohibited drug (25.53 grams methylamphetamine); a charge of possess cannabis leaf taken into account. From the wrong side of the road, appellant overtook a car driven by victim's wife.Applicant & co-accused arrested following a controlled delivery of a consignment of pineapples to premises in Sydney.

The consignment contained amphetamine & heroin capsules which had been shipped from China.s.8A of the Bail Act 1978 applied & the applicant was granted conditional bail, however, it was revoked a little over a month later on the Crown's application for a review of that order made pursuant to s.45 of the Act.

In the present application, applicant was confronted by s.22A(1).

Since the revocation of bail, applicant has been committed for trial.

CARROLL, Douglas John Frederick - CCA, Greg James & Whealy JJCitation: R v Carroll [2001] NSWCCA 511Sentence appeal.1 x BE&S; 1 x aggravated BE&S; 6 offences on a Form 1 (take & use conveyance; BE&S; possess housebreaking implements; possess explosive device; possess prohibited drug).5y 3m with NPP of 2y 3m. Aged 34y 9m at time of sentence - discount for guilty plea - special circumstances - positive steps towards rehabilitation - disproportion between head sentence & NPP.

Appeal allowed: resentenced to 4y 3m with NPP of 2y 3m.

KILLICK, John Reginald - CCA, 4.1.2002 - 127 A Crim R 273O'Keefe J, Smart AJR v Killick [2002] NSWCCA 1Sentence appeal.