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In-app inventory is fundamentally different from mobile web, because the app in which the the creative is displayed is not running HTML5 and Java Script.

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All the other fancy stuff that you may have seen mobile rich media creatives do like drawing, games, and sounds is done in HTML5 and Java Script. The reason why these creatives are often referred to as MRAID creatives is that MRAID has become a synonym for "Mobile Rich Media" creative.You can see how MRAID and HTML5 videos behave by loading placement ID 2579103, size 300x250, in the App Nexus SDK App. Before we continue, a few words about the term "Advertising SDK" used below.A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a piece of code that makes it easy for app developers to show ads in their apps.HTML5 supports playing video in the browser without requiring an external player.However, i OS and Android have different behaviors and implementations for HTML5 video.Below is a list of all the methods available in the API defined by MRAID, grouped by functionality: It's easy to see that a full 50% of the methods defined by MRAID relate to size changes.

This is a direct result of the inability of the creative to directly communicate with the app the way it does with the browser on mobile and desktop web.

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This overview will help you get a better understanding of this technology.

After reading this page you should be able to answer questions like:, that developers creating rich media ads will use to communicate what those ads do (expand, resize, get access to device functionalities such as calendar events, etc) with the apps they are being served into.

Below is a simple working example of an MRAID video of a dog: One thing all mobile ads have in common is that they run in actual web browsers.