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ESMERELDA: Do you think you and I are so different, child? It is only just that I extend you the same forgiveness. ESMERELDA: If you were to restate your vows, you would be welcomed back into the Circle, once again to take up your purple cloak.

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(Esmerelda enters the store, and Sorsha quickly rises) ESMERELDA: Everine? Ses thématiques : Actualités médicales, prévention, nutrition, minceur, sexualité, maladies, ménopause, cho... There is a knock on the door and Otto enters) OTTO: You’re still Tara. I’m supposed to just give Cameron away how far we’ve come? (In the Stumpy Plum) MAYOR DOYLE: I’m so sorry, ma’am. Mrs Daily says you sent her home with a unicycle instead of a melon. SORSHA: Oh, and now I’ve forgotten to order the Stumpy Plums. LACIE: Tell us, Budgie, what you think the tapestry means.

(In the Beacon) ESMERELDA: If it’s not the Crossley girl, who is it?

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They opened their arms and allowed me to take up the purple cloak after all.

Tara is walking, and Cameron runs up to her) CAMERON: Tara!

(Jake and Ludo pop up from behind a shelf) LUDO: Anything, you say? LUDO: Don’t think I’m not impressed that your first question wasn’t ‘what are Stumpy Plums? (They step down) LUDO: I can get my hands on some wild Stumpy Plums.