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Newly dating games for relationships

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Many of the WWE Universe are currently unaware that Sarah Logan is engaged to new WWE star Raymond Rowe of War Machine.

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Bianca Belair first made an impact in WWE as part of the Mae Young Classic where she showed off her incredible hair whip skills and has since gone on to become a star in the NXT Women's Division.Many of the WWE Universe will remember Deonna from her time in WWE's NXT Women's Division, but it seems that her run with the company was shortlived and she has now returned to the Independent Circuit where she performs alongside her boyfriend Marty Scurll in Ring of Honor.Scurll has a bright future ahead of him and he could be heading over to the WWE in the near future and we all know how the travel schedule with WWE goes, which could be why many couples haven't made it outside of the company.Both being part of the same shows and alongside each other on a regular basis is definitely something that will strengthen their relationship in the coming years until the two are huge stars in the company.Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy's relationship began in NXT as well and they are also currently engaged so it seems that this could be a good foundation.There are a number of couples who have gone on to marry and have children following the end of their wrestling career but it seems that this is incredibly rare in the wrestling world.

There is a small amount of hope for some of these couples, but overall the odds are not in their favour.

However, they could go on to be two huge stars in the coming years.

The fact that they have managed to keep their relationship and their engagement under wraps over the past few months shows that this couple doesn't live for the public reaction that many stars long for, which is a good sign.

Watson gave birth to the couple's first child last year but there are no images of Xavier with his son online and it seems that the couple has found it hard to move past the situation that was created after Paige was hacked during her hiatus from WWE at the beginning of 2017.

This couple has been kept under wraps over the past few years since Xavier is quite a private person, but it seems that right now there could be a few issues with the couple that they are unable to move past, which would be a shame since the two have a child together.

The following list looks at 10 WWE couples who have announced that they are together over the past few years, but it's unlikely that they will last.