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The online event, sponsored by Links Rez, is designed to enhance the experience of the connected travel consumer.The challenge includes creating a web-based application that enhances the connected consumer’s travel experience in a unique way, utilizing at least one of the provided APIs that implement Open Travel messaging.

We evaluate how some of our Apps are used by enabling data about your use of the App on your device, such as which features you used the most, to be transmitted to Flurry, an analytics service provider.To this day we make sure everything runs smoothly and continually enhance the shop to stay on the cutting edge.Read more We put the emphasis on a modern and, of course, responsive design for fault-free displaying on mobile devices.Everything is above-board and professional, just as it should be.Your project will be overseen by the guy who founded the Word Press community in Slovakia.API providers include: Links Rez, IATA and MASAI Mobility Community (M2C) and encompasses travel verticals including hotel, car rental, ground transportation, air and golf.

Open Travel is the source for the most adopted, cross-industry technology standards that enable business solutions driven by the travel community.

As described in our Internet Privacy Policy Statement, one type of online resource that Merck provides is mobile computing applications ("Apps") for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Many of these can be purchased or downloaded from App Stores that are offered by the provider of the device operating system, such as Apple and Google.

Some of these Apps allow you to record information within the App and store it on your device, to create reports, and to email content from the App.

In some cases, that information may be "personal information" that identifies or is used to identify you, such as your name.

We start by having a coffee together and do not finish until the website is launched.