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Respecting and accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace

Fifteen women in senior living joined them the last 100 km.

Our approach focused on the PERSON; language was carefully selected in assessments, our care plan library begins with a focus “My Day” and we implemented POC by exception.Shuttle Service The Together We Care shuttle will be running every 15 minutes between the the Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre and Toronto Congress Center (South Building, Main Entrance).For Tuesday evening, the shuttle service will run between the Radisson Hotel and the Delta Hotel for Joey & Gina’s Wedding Dinner Event being held at the Delta – Plaza Ballroom. Monday, April 9: Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) Continuing Education points – 7 total (1 for each Culinary & Nutrition session). Click on highlighted session titles for session description Sessions will be available for selection starting February 15th.As the momentum grew others (women and men) joined for the “Final Leg”.Elaine will share her story; the women who joined will speak of how barriers were removed, competition dissipated, and silos came down.A renowned musician & best-selling author, Jann Arden’s most recent book, Feeding My Mother, is a piercingly honest account of the transformation that turned her into the primary “parent” to her mom, who is in the grip of Alzheimer’s.

Candid and Inspiring, Jann Arden’s presentations share her personal journey, explaining the importance of adaptability, being built for change, and finding good — and even funny — things, even in the most difficult of situations.

Many organizations have initiatives underway looking at culture change within their homes.

Initiatives such as signage, committee membership, home décor, language used and resident choice are common.

The mantra that permeated the hot, summer air was “together we can do so much more”.

We can influence change – whether in a soybean field in Ghana or a senior living home in Ontario.

For eight consecutive weeks, recreation staff, volunteers and family members engaged twenty-one isolated residents three times per week in “music visits”, in preparation for the Fenelon Follies Variety Show.