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Secured loan uk dating

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And although you don't say what interest rate you are paying, they are usually higher than those on the high street, with harsher penalties for defaults, too, as borrowers tend to have less credit-worthiness.However, despite their name, you may be able to legitimately loosen the secure loan and move on.

If you wish to make an enquiry to find out what rate you qualify for, only a ‘Soft’ credit search will be carried out.If the numbers don't add up, says Gavin Brazg at property advice website then ask if you can transfer the loan to your next house, though there may be a fee and not all lenders will allow this.The third, albeit unpalatable, choice is to take out an unsecured personal loan to pay off the £12,000.Everything was explained to us in an easy to understand manner. Mr & Mrs W of Burton-on-Trent I am pleased to do this survey, Steven was really helpful and gave some really wonderful advice without this I would have struggled due to my circumstances now having cancer.It was a Blessing that I took the critical illness & income protection.Our mortgage is about £145,000 on a two-bed home and the secured loan (with a different lender) is around £12,000 Joy Eviston, Newport Answer: Debt may be a universal personal finance tool but, as you've discovered, not all loans are equal.

Unlike "unsecured" personal loans taken out by millions to pay for a car or holiday, secured loans – often used to buy the very same things – are so-called because they're taken out or "secured" against a major asset, usually a property.

Alternatively, by using a secured homeowner loan, Next Step Money can provide access to lower lending rates and – if needed – longer repayment terms. Everything can be completed professionally and without delay so why not apply on-line now? Our pledge is simple; NO HIDDEN CATCHES, NO FEES UPFRONT, NO OBLIGATION and no pushy ‘hard sell’ – guaranteed.

Just free, honest, initial advice, with quotes at great rates tailored to your financial needs by clicking the APPLY NOW!

If this is the case, and the previous alternatives are ruled out, your only option is to wait until you've managed to make all your repayments.


Question: Does a secured loan we took out on our house mean we can't put it up for sale?