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In 2002, Subway surpasses Mc Donalds in the number of total restaurants.

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If the user does NOT know the store #, they can search online for the # .This all occurs BEFORE the user even gets into the job application. I applied to a job, a few years ago at Johns Hopkins University, which took ONLY 4.0 HOURS to complete, but I had so much fun doing that online job application that I am going to try again to complete an online SUBWAY job application, because I have so much more time to waste now than ever before!On to of all this SUBWAY online job application fun, they can also enjoy the issue of downloading a new “SUPPORTED” browser, just to apply to a low end job, as is found in Subway stores!The 3 employees behind the counter told him again there was nothing they could do and he had to get the same sandwhich. The gentleman walked out and threw the sandwhich on an empty seat. The situation was handled very bad by your employees.I can’t believe it is in your policy not to replace or refund a sandwhich that taste bad or employees that yell at an unsatisfied customer to not come back.The company is considering hiring their first non-family member as CEO of the company. Answer 1: The phone number for Subway is (203) 877-4281. Answer 2: The CEO of Subway is Trevor Haynes (Interim). Answer 3: Subway was founded by Fred De Luca and Peter Buck in 1965.

Tagged as: subway corporate address, subway corporate headquarters, subway corporate office, subway corporate office address, subway corporate office email, subway corporate office fax, subway corporate office phone, subway corporate office phone number, subway headquarters, subway home office, subway main office Visited Subway store #28431 for lunch today and I have to say that this was one of the best Subway stores I have ever been to.

In 2013, an Australian teenager posted on Facebook that Subway’s footlong subs were actually only 11 inches in length.

The company makes approximately 5,300 sandwiches every minute and uses about 18 acres worth of lettuce every single day.

The young man, Dylan, who served us was very pleasant and personable.

Even though it was very busy at this time, he was able to make me a “breadless” sandwich that I could eat on my specialized diet.

I have been turned away from many restaurants who would not stray from the established menu.