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I picked the diamond through the wholesale sites oversees and they got it in for me and put in on the ring I picked. Your on the right track straight away by looking outside the local chain jewelers as they have huge markups.(Michael hill ect)Another option is try a local jeweller who makes his/her own jewellery.I spent alot of time doing this and it calculated out to be $200 cheaper through jogia diamonds. Be careful as there are some real ripoff merchants out there when it comes to jewellery.

I can only comment on the general experience of buying diamonds wholesale and all I can say is I would never make such a purchase locally now.When I was looking at rings for the soon to be Mrs Diddy, I checked out bluenile and indeed the prices were very competitive.Wanted to get a round shape, 0.80ct D vs1 in a hand made platinum tiffany setting (6 claw) including Triple Ex Hearts & Arrows and the diamond alone without the setting was around the 8K mark from bluenile.Even if I wasn't sure I liked the settings available from the store, I would bring in a loose stone and have the ring made here.The ring we got would have been priced in the vicinity of $4k at a local retailer and we paid about $2.5k including the setting.Before biting the bullet I was hunting around some forums and heard about Diamond Jewellery Studio based in Brisbane.

They seemed to have really good reviews from the ladies so gave them a call. If you're interested look them up here: and ask for Nick Ireland.

Depending on the ring material you can generally get the ring re-sized.

Hey all, in the same boat, looking for an engagement ring and Blue Nile is one of my options.

They have a Aussie ANZ bank account, so you can transfer money in there. Any competent diamond dealer can order in a stone to a precise spec from a dealer up the chain if they don't have one themselves.

You save a couple of % by not paying with a credit card. Make sure that the grading report is from a legit certification house so that the gradings/specs are comparable.

The guy is a superstar and the whole process went very smoothly.