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Your hand is sliding over your shaft, working your own need as you tease me with your words.

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I move my laptop lower, exposing my breasts; all the while, I watch you. My fingers caress over my panties, rubbing against my clit. You had me worried, now you have me hard as steel and I want to bury myself inside you," you growl at me. My fingers begin to squeeze my nipples, pinching them a little with added pressure. My hips begin to grind against myself, working a little faster.Your seed sprays all over your chest, shooting up high and landing down on you.Slowly stroking ourselves still, we come down from our high. I wish you were here to please me,” I let out a low moaning whimper. “Someday I will be and I’ll do it every day for the rest of forever,” you promise me and I know you’re being honest.It must have sent you over your own edge, because you join me moments later. My tender ass is wriggling against the silken sheets.

I focus only on them and start to convulse into a hard orgasm.

I hit answer and again, before I have a chance to say anything, you ask me what is wrong. Your deep growling moans drive me to the point of orgasm.

I’ve kept just my panties on, toying with myself just a little. Pulling, twisting, pinching, keeping them hard and sensitive. It lasted much longer than I wanted it to, but I’m here now. ” I blush deeply, loving when you call me your special girl. “One second, don’t move.” Within a half a second, Skype is ringing and your call takes over my screen. You start to jerk off to the same pace as me fucking myself, moaning with me.

I’m groping my breasts, slowly grinding against the bed.

I watch your hand causally stroke your cock, watching it grow soft.

Two strong orgasms did me wonders, knowing they were given to you. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.