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Updating a wooden dining chairs

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New Jersey interior designer Linda Principe says that shades of gold and beige continue to be popular in dining rooms on walls and drapery fabrics.Principe predicts that the golden hues will be joined by eggplant and purple tones as dominant colors in the coming years.

“Mix-and-match is definitely fashion-forward in the dining room.We’re seeing great designs of traditional pieces but with modern finishes,” says Tilley.For example, a Chippendale chair may now be available with a distressed black finish.“The deeper these golden tones, the more formal and dramatic a room will become.A darker tone creates a richness that can’t be felt with a lighter color.Seating Considerations Increased function is another important characteristic when updating the dining room.

Does the table you like expand and contract as needed?

Be sure you choose a time for this project when you can let your paint dry between coats and cure for at least a couple days before you start using your furniture again.

Oil-based paint dries slowly, so these are not good one-day projects. Don't try this the night before a big party or event you are hosting!

She notes that not only does bronze complement golden wall colors, the bronze intensifies against it.

“Bronzed decorative hardware with interesting finials and rings brings the accessory up to eye level in a room. The rod, finials and brackets can be in one finish, and the rings can tie in the drapery fabric in a different finish.

It really makes the rod look striking.” Looking Out Window treatments are another key design element to the well-designed dining room.