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Updating bugzilla

The system search now shows more results at once, including the system actions, and also the antiquated system tray has been removed to reduce visual clutter and confusion.The Topicons extension is available for use with any applications that have not yet updated.

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My name is Gabriele Trombini and someone of you know me also as "mailga".Furthermore it offers containerized Kubernetes, flannel and etcd.This allows flexibility for users to choose different versions of Kubernetes, or to not use Kubernetes at all.Or, check out one of our popular variants, including KDE Plasma, Xfce, and other desktop environments, as well as images for ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3: Also be aware that we are missing i686 (32-bit Intel architecture) images for this release; this is due to a bug in image checksum creation and which we will fix by the final release.If you are interested in testing Fedora 27 Beta on i686, wait for upcoming nightly images — or update from Fedora 26.This release is shipped with the latest rpm-ostree, now with support for base package overrides.

Cockpit is also updated to the latest version and includes support for Cockpit Dashboard installation on Atomic Host via RPM package layering. Frameworks, Plasma, KDE Applications, and all the other applications with independent release schedule have been updated, bringing fixes and improvements.

GNOME 3.26 also features color emoji support, folder sharing in Boxes, and numerous improvements in the Builder IDE tool.

Many thanks to the GNOME community for their work on these features.

For more information refer to the upstream release notes at Gnome 3.26 Release Notes.

Fedora Atomic 27 now defaults to a simpler container storage setup.

Qt 5 is now updated to 5.9.1, which brings more stability and new features. This cycle only brings stability improvements but no new features.