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Updating ilo firmware

Download the current Firmware version based on your server from the HP website.Extract the files from the download and copy the Bin file (in my case ilo2_215.bin) to an accessible directory on a web server.

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I navigated to the c:\inetpub directory, and created a folder called firmware and placed the bin file there.• Select a server or cluster in the inventory tree. • Follow Insight Control for v Center steps to update firmware using a Smart Component To update firmware from VMware ESXi operating system on target server: • Enable Tech Support Mode on the ESXi host. (You must be root in order to apply the update.) • Place the Smart Component zip file in a temporary directory.• Unzip the file • Ensure that CPXXXXXX.vmexe is executable by using the command: chmod x CPXXXXXX.vmexe • From the same directory, execute the Smart Component.You will also be disconnected from your Putty session.These are good indicators that the upgrade is complete.NOTE: Cartridge ROM and other updates are shown immediately in this command, but do not take affect on a node until that node is rebooted.

HPE Pro Liant Server Cartridge CPLD updates are not applied until all the nodes on a cartridge are powered off.

I know it's possible to boot up to the firmware upgrade CD on each host and run the update manually, but that certainly doesn't strike me as an "enterprise ready" solution.

I hear about companies with 100 hosts and I can't believe they run around with CD's or sit around booting from the i LOs to keep things up to date.

To finish, enter the proper command to have Moonshot i LO CM firmware apply each image to an applicable target.

The procedure in this section describes how to update all Moonshot System firmware except for the switch firmware.

To see if you can access the file, try to access the file thru your web browser by typing the following (replace the Once connected, login with your ILO user name and password.