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The Kitty Café is designed with felines in mind, with wide open spaces and lots of kitty toys - but that is not to say that humans are left out!

We may be a short drive from the glamorous Bollywood, but at Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai Andheri, you’re always center stage.On the right, congregation Shevre Spahrd of Pereyaslov(Perevaslov is a town or city in ukraine).Located on Snediker between Sutter and Belmont, George Gershwin lived on this block.Whatever genre of music sets your spirit dancing, you’ll find a piece of the history that speaks to you.The walls of our 6,600-square-foot cafe are covered with iconic clothing and instruments worn and played by some of music’s true legends.At 43 Malta stood the Alleppo Congregation Agudeth Achim Ansei New Lots, founded in 1911.

The 1941 tax photo sent in by Jo Ann Montgomery shows the Jewish star in the circular window, now hidden in the current picture sent in by Demetrius Pestun.

On the right is his grandfather Damiano, showing off one the ship models he built himself. The center portion was built in 1878 with additions in 19. The old building became an annex to Thomas Jefferson High School. The picture on the left is from 1967, when it was part of the United Artists Circuit. After the blackout of 1977, the Premier closed its doors for good.

Two synagogues sat relatively close to each other on 43 and 71 Malta Street.

The 1963 Times article on the left details the dedication of a plaque on the 65th anniversary of his birthday. 166 on Van Siclen Avenue and Linden Boulevard was named after him.

Despite the recognition, the house did not survive past the 1980s. Demetrius Pestun sent over two 2007 shots of defunct synagogues.

Patrons to the games had to be adept at dodging all the trolleys in the area and eventually the team name morphed to the Trolley Dodgers, and eventually, the Dodgers.