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What the legal dating age in illinois

However, they may not work jobs that expose them to hazardous materials or in manufacturing or mining.In the summer, teens in this age group can work for longer than they can during the school year.

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The superintendent issues the certificates and parents and employers both get copies.If you're an Illinoisan who's interested in working, it's important to know the minimum legal age you must be to start working in Illinois.If you're eligible to begin working, you must then consider any restrictions you face in the workplace because of your age.State law governs, and this article can give you a brief summary of the marriage age requirements in Wisconsin.State Marriage Age Laws States laws impose age limits for marriage in most cases, particularly for minors without parental consent.Illinois marriage age requirements are set at 18 for couples without parental consent, and 16 for those with consent.

Marriage Age Requirements in Illinois The main provisions of Illinois marriage age requirements are listed in the table below.

While this isn't ideal, working at a young age can help a teen avoid some of the pitfalls others in their predicaments face.

For more information on the minimum age to work in Illinois and how to obtain employment certificates, visit the Illinois State Labor Website.

Typically, child labor laws don’t apply to jobs such as babysitting, yard work, newspaper delivery and acting, meaning that pre-teens and children may perform such jobs.

Illinois state law requires kids under age 16 to have a child employment certificate to work.

Illinois Marriage Age Requirements Laws: Related Resources Since you don’t want to throw a big wedding party and not be technically married, it makes sense to have all your ducks in a row when it comes to state laws on marriage.