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Who is alex turner dating 2016

It was fun keeping it a secret for the day, but of course we couldn't keep that "secret" for long! Janet had the most precious baby girl who was three, Carrie."I didn't think Derek would do it right there and then, but he was ready to just go for it, and I was too" - Carrie "It just felt like the time to do it. Of course Russ had the approval of Carrie to marry her mommy, but he had to get the approval of Janet's mother, Judy, as her father, William, had passed away. Since Russ wasn't sure what ring to get for the love of his life, Judy suggested he use her ring to ask Janet.

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We had been discussing marriage for a while and decided together we should make things official.My favorite memory with Derek would be when we went to go pick up our dog, Olly. Derek found a litter of puppies about an hour and half from where we were and we instantly fell in love with the pups.When we went to go pick out Olly, we chose the dog that was the silliest. the only person who can make me feel that way is my hubby to be.This past year, I transferred to University of Iowa Online to finish my Bachelors in Business Management and I plan to graduate in December of 2018.I'm still a Cyclone at heart, but Iowa gave me the opportunity to finish my degree online so I could be with Derek on his journey teaching at Hampton Dumont Middle School. I'm a sucker for a good romantic novel, but I also enjoy a mystery and suspense novel. So expect to hear some songs on the dance floor at the reception.Thank you family and friends for celebrating with us and we can't wait to celebrate our incredibly special day with you!

Hey there everyone, I'm the lucky guy that gets to marry Carrie!

The rest is history, we have had an eventful three years together and I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

Currently we are living in Webster City where I drive back and forth to my job in Hampton teaching 5th grade.

We woke up fairly early on May 24th and somehow in the early, am, morning conversation, we got on the discussion of marriage.

We agreed right there and then that we wanted to start planning our wedding."Derek got down on one knee next to the bed while I held back tears of happiness.

Carrie and Derek plan to pass the ring on to their future children to continue this tradition.