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Who is chris brown dating after rihanna

The album led to Brown winning Best New Artist and Best Contemporary R&B Album at the 49th Grammy Awards.Brown released his second studio album, 'Exclusive', on 6th November 2007.

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The album did, however, receive far more favourable reviews, with generally more positive critical response.Career: Chris Brown left school in 2004 at a young age, and began working in his debut album.On 29th November 2005, Chris Brown released his self-titled debut album, which opened at the number two spot on Billboard's 200 list. Kelis has not previously opened up about any details regarding the marriage that ended in 2010. After some time, she says she began to realize how "dark" the relationship was becoming. " It was really dark. A lot of mental and physical abuse and it got to the point where if I wasn’t pregnant, I might have stayed with him. We were married — we weren’t dating, we were married, this was my person," she noted.After first denying the allegations, Brown later confessed to domestic abuse and making criminal threats, and was sentenced to a mere five years' probation, six months of community service, and a restraining order keeping him 50 yards from Rihanna.

The verdict was met with backlash from Domestic Abuse activists, who stated that Brown should have been punished far more harshly for his crimes.

While the album debuted at the seventh spot on Billboard's 200 list, it was critically panned with some critics calling it "bland" and some "insufferable". Critical response was more praising, yet the album still only received moderate scores from critics.

After the critical backlash to 'Graffiti', Brown set to work on 'F. Just over a year later, Brown released 'Fortune' on 29th June 2012, again debuting at the top of Billboard's 200 list.

The album didn't achieve the same success as its predecessor, and received similarly mixed reviews.

In December of that year, Brown embarked on The Exclusive Holiday Tour until February, where it ended in Hawaii.

Like 'Graffiti', however, the album was universally panned as "shameless" and "uncomfortable".