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Who is fred savage dating

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No bashing cars with umbrellas, no “Showgirls” on their résumés.

“We definitely all benefited from those protections.” After the series ended, Savage says he had no time to get in trouble, because he simply went back to school.Josh Saviano, who played Kevin’s nerdy friend Paul, attended Yale University and was admitted to the New York State Bar.He is currently a partner in a law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property. Jennifer Love Hewitt is now dating Jenny Mc Carthy's ex-husband, but her first date was a famous child star who never called her again, she told Wendy Williams on her show.When she was 14, Jennifer went on a date with Fred Savage, then 16, from 'The Wonder Years.' "We went to a comedy club and we went to dinner and he dropped me off at home," Jennifer said.“When the show was done, it wasn’t like we lost our whole context in the world,” he says.

“It was almost like we had this fantastic extracurricular activity.

Education is still an important part of Mc Kellar’s life - and portraying a girl brainiac clearly had an impact.

In addition to acting and appearing on last season’s , the UCLA grad has also authored four books aimed at making math more fun and accessible for girls.

GALLERY: 11 Stars Who Appeared on 'The Wonder Years' Before They Were Famous Since the show, all three stars have remained successful, though not necessarily in front of the camera.

Savage is primarily a director now, having helmed shows on Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel as well as episodes of Wonder Years" actors from succumbing to the pressures and pitfalls that can cause problems for other young stars."We all benefited from really supportive parents who valued our growing up into productive adults and our education as more important than anything," explains Savage, who graduated from Stanford after the show ended.

Somehow, we don’t think Scott Baio gets questioned on the streets about the way “Charles in Charge” wrapped up.