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Who is scott patterson dating

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Robert causing her to fall backwards and sustaining an injury to the back of her head." The police report says Patterson continued to struggle with officers and pulled another cop to avoid being handcuffed. unless Patterson has some bombshell evidence (like a secret twin brother or something) ... He was eventually arrested and booked for battery on an officer and resisting arrest -- both felonies.

and he wants them to pay up BIG to make things right. While running towards the door, the defendant tackled officer B.Unknown to VJ they were illegal drugs and Alex was sent away in disgrace.He was upset when Ryan chose to go back and live with his Mum in the city following Dan’s job offer in America but it was nothing compared to how upset he was hen he found out Dan had died in an abseiling accident.He and Ryan regulary played with Drew and he established a close bond with Dan.His Uncle Alex returned to the bay and spent a lot of time minding VJ but when VJ found a lot of tablets in his backpack and nearly took them, he was only just stopped in time.Leah allowed him to see Miles again but after Miles forged a relationship with Kirsty she changed her mind.

VJ rebelled and began giving his mother a lot of grief.

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On his second birthday VJ was delighted to receive a surprise visit from a a giant, friendly bear.

A letter left by ‘the bear’ revealed that it was in fact his father Vinnie, not dead but in witness protection who had come to say goodbye.

His mother though wasn’t keen on VJ spending so much time with Miles and stopped him from seeing him.