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We will update our makeup tips weekly, so make sure you come back often.Makeup tip 1.) Red lipstick: Well girls if you’re going to wear red lipstick you are going to need to wear some fierce colored clothing. Never wear something bright, because these colors will clash and you will be the laughing stock of the event.

This and many more exciting features await you , but most importantly true love is waiting around the corner.Never pour the moisturizer directly into the hand and apply.This causes spots, using the cloth will prevent this.They can upload the video from there computer or from there phone.This allows men and women the ability to see what the other person sounds like and gives a brief description of the person's personality.Also never wear red with red lipstick because it will be too much red at once.

Makeup tip 2.) Summer makeup tips: Well ladies in the warm summer breeze you should always remember to wear your dark color makeup.

Nothing to serious first because it's just the first date and of coarse I'm a real ladie and want the respect of a ladie. I want him to be humorous and gentle and some what warm and witty with a genuine grand heart and brave and out spoken personality.

Hello guys my name is April I wanted to say first off I love my body it's a temple. I like a guy gentle to the touch but ruff and rugged on the inside. I love to get the mental advantage over another person.

Makeup tip 5.) How to apply fake eyelashes: This is a slow learning curve ladies. When you apply these fake eyelashes you want to use a light weight fake eyelash.

These are easier to install and look more realistic.

Makeup tip 3.) Apply makeup to cover acne: Girls this is tuff but we have you covered.