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AS2805 is extremely similar to the ISO8583 specification, and most of it can be taken directly out of this specification.

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For example, byte ’82x is binary ‘1000 0010’ which means fields 1 and 7 are present in the message and fields 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 are not present.Previously I briefly touched on the AS2805 standards, and now I have an implementation of the parsing of these messages The full code of this post is available here : I have a C# implementation of this as well here: The code is thanks to the following author: has a brilliant implementation of all the structures of the 8583 format, which goes hand in hand with AS2805 First off, the AS2805 standard includes a range of specifications, from Key handling settlement.This is not a post to explain all the details, as the key and settlement handling is a processor specific implementation.Unfortunately, not all AS2805 implementations interpret the meaning of an MTI in the same way.However, a few MTIs are relatively standard: Within AS2805, a bitmap is a field or subfield within a message which indicates which other data elements or data element subfields may be present elsewhere in a message.A message type indicator includes the ISO 8583 version, the Message Class, the Message Function and the Message Origin, each described briefly in the following sections.

The following example (MTI 0110) lists what each digit indicates: Position three of the MTI specifies the message function which defines how the message should flow within the system.

Requests are end-to-end messages (e.g., from acquirer to issuer and back with timeouts and automatic reversals in place), while advices are point-to-point messages (e.g., from terminal to acquirer, from acquirer to network, from network to issuer, with transmission guaranteed over each link, but not necessarily immediately).

Bearing each of the above four positions in mind, an MTI will completely specify what a message should do, and how it is to be transmitted around the network.

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For example, if compressed as one hex byte, ’27x means there are 27 VAR bytes to follow.