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But if you look closely, most of the time we use cursors to iterate through a row collection and update the same table.When a cursor is based on a join, only the (SELECT MAX(Rate Change Date) FROM Human Resources.

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FK_Profiel; open c1; FETCH NEXT FROM c1 into @l_profiel WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; UPDATE DIM_Employee Kopie1 set FK_Profiel = @l_profiel where current of c1 end close c1; deallocate c1; DECLARE @employee_id INT DECLARE @getemployee_id CURSOR SET @getemployee_id = CURSOR FOR SELECT employee_id FROM employment_History OPEN @getemployee_id FETCH NEXT FROM @getemployee_ID INTO @employee_ID WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN PRINT @employee_ID FETCH NEXT FROM @getemployee_ID INTO @employee_id END CLOSE @getemployee_ID DEALLOCATE @getemployee_ID This is the simplest example of the SQL Server Cursor.

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